It would obviously depend on the season, but having a long sleeve shirt even in the summer helps keep the sun off. You will for sure need to bring sunscreen and a hat that can be secured on your head.
It will be intermittent until you get closer to the Stuart, FL City Marina. It is suggested that you put your phone in airplane mode so that you do not run your battery down, but can still take photographs.
It is important to wear clothes that you feel comfortable with and remember that you will be out in the sun for a good portion of the trip. You should wear shoes that are non-slip if possible and easy to take on and off. We request that while you are inside of the yacht that you take your shoes off. Take plenty of sunscreen and also bring a hat.
Tipping is always voluntary. You will notice that the crew will work diligently to produce fish and provide the guests with as much comfort and aid that anyone needs. With that in mind the normal tipping policy is 15% to 20% of the trip charge and will be greatly appreciated.
No. The Blue Ridge Runner has purchased a vessel license for all anglers.
This is up to the customer. The crew will indicate whether the fish being caught are good to eat and some of the other fish such as sailfish should be released so that the population will not be depleted. Catching species such as Mahi-Mahi are a great fish to filet and take home. The crew will clean your fish for you. You should probably bring a cooler to transport your fish home. There will be ice at the marina. If you so desire, some of the local restaurants at the marina will prepare your catch for a nominal fee.